Power level grading idea

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Power level grading idea

Post by Derpy on Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:20 pm

This is just a rough/unrefined look at a possible PL grading system.

Everyone gets 100 PL post. There is a 50 word minimum word count in the In-Character boards.

For every 100 extra words, they get another 100/per. This bonus caps at 500 words. You can write longer posts, but the maximum per post is 1000 words. You get an extra 100 PL if your post is legible. Most people will probably be getting this regularly. If you're a monkey banging on your keyboard, you might miss out on this. We're not going to be too harsh. Mistakes happen, and we're not grammar nazis.

We could make the word count self-reporting. Is not a good idea.


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