Proposed Item List

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Proposed Item List

Post by Derpy on Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:26 pm

Sensu Bean
Bag of Sensu Beans
Armor + 5 Endurance
Running Shoes +5 Speed
Power Aid +5 Ki Attacks
Steroid +5 Physical Attacks
Dual shield can be used to completely stop two attacks, however the shield only works for a month after it's brought.
Portal-in-a-jar -can be used as a two way portal to go anywhere in the galaxy, however, it only lasts for one topic.
Weighted Clothing - penalizes you with -15% pl, but you gain 15% more.
Super Weighted Clothing -penalizes you with -25% pl, but you gain 25% more.
Magic Guy Fawkes Mask - nobody can figure out who you are, or sense your PL. You look funny though.

(Henchmen list)
Saibamen seeds -grows three saibaman with 5% of your power level. Can only grow up to a maximum of 20k.
Henchman Level 1 - 10% of your PL, can grow until 50k.
Henchman Level 2 - 15% of PL, can grow until 75k.
Henchman Level 3 20% of PL, can grow to 100k.
Officer 25% of PL, grows until 120k.
Officer Level 2 30% of Pl, grows until 150k.
Officer Level 3 35% of PL, grows until 175k.
Commander 45% of PL, grows until 225k
Sidekick! - 75% of PL. Maximum 500k PL.


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